Artificial Grass Play Area Gloucestershire

Cirencester school artificial grass

Acer Paving & Landscaping were recently awarded the contract to renew the play surface in a play area within a school near Cirencester, Gloucestershire. This was a fairly typical scenario where the existing surface was covered in play bark. Play bark is a fairly cheap material when applied in the first instance but schools quickly become aware that it’s messy and constantly needs topping up. Artificial grass is a far better choice in our opinion because it’s easy to maintain, clean and attractive to look at.

removing play bark

The first job was to remove all the loose play bark..

artificial grass preparation

a job for shovels and wheelbarrows I’m afraid ! This way we can ensure there’s no damage to the existing play equipment and all the loose material can be removed from around and under the existing play equipment.

Removal of play bark from gloucestershire school

The play bark was tipped into a skip for removal by our licensed waste carrier, Holland Handling.

artificial grass preparation of base gloucestershire

The next step was to install a free draining bedding layer of 4 – 2mm limestone grit. This enables us to level the area and provide a smooth surface on which to start to build the play surface upon.

shock pads for school play area cirencester, gloucestershire

Next a double layer of foam shock pads were installed to provide a cushioned and safe play surface in the event of a fall from the existing play equipment.

Play surface preparation cirencester gloucestershire

The foam shock pads are made from recycled materials and thankfully light to lift and manoeuvere.

artificial turf preparation for play area

Fortunately in many schools there’s a tarmac playground to use as a work area. In the picture above you can see the artificial grass laid upside down on the playground to allow some of the cutting to be done easily before the grass is moved into the play area.

The quality latex backing is one of the features of Namgrass artificial grass that sets it apart from poorer, (but not necessarily cheaper) examples.

gloucestershire artificial grass for schools

Next the artificial grass is placed in the play area where cutting and fitting can begin to ensure a tight fit around the play equipment and secure edges to prevent them lifting.

Cirencester school artificial grass

gloucestershire artificial grass play area

cirencester artificial grass contractors

And that’s the play area complete ! The whole job was done in two days and we’re sure the school was glad to be finally rid of all that messy play bark.


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