Artificial Grass Play Area in Wiltshire

Artificial grass play area wiltshire

Fake grass, artificial grass, plastic grass, (call it what you will), makes a fantastic play surface. This play area near Swindon, Wiltshire was previously covered in a rubber crumb surface and like play bark, it’s a devil to keep clean, (especially with overhanging trees as in this case).

Artificial grass play area wiltshire

As part of the Approved Installer network of Namgrass UK, Acer Paving & Landscaping thoroughly recommend the Namgrass product range. In this particular project, Namgrass Green Meadow artificial grass was used.  We get samples sent to us from other suppliers on almost a weekly basis and we’ve yet to find a grass range that matches the quality of Namgrass.

Artificial grass play area swindon wiltshire

The artificial grass is cut under and around all the play equipment providing a clean and safe environment for children to enjoy. The Green Meadow artificial turf used here has a brown thatch within it that adds to the realism but also provides a nice bounce to the grass, giving the surface a cushioned feel that is perfect for play areas.

artificial grass lawn near swindon wiltshire

Samples of the Namgrass range are freely available and expert advice is on hand from us here at Acer Paving & Landscaping. If you want to create a new lawn or play area or are fed up with the existing mud, play bark or other play surface and want to explore the alternatives, please contact us to discuss the Namgrass range of artificial grasses.

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