Pub Play Areas

Artificial grass makes an ideal play surface for pub play areas. Play bark and natural grass are options that have been used extensively in the past. The problem being the grass quickly turns to mud and play bark requires constant renewal and it’s hard to check for potential hazards like bottles. With a 10 year product guarantee from our suppliers Namgrass and our own 5 year workmanship guarantee, you can be sure of a trouble free and easy to maintain play area for years to come.

We understand that pubs are businesses and any investment needs to pay its way. We’re confident that the vastly reduced maintenance and durability that artificial grass provides, will prove a wise outlay for any pub. Here at Acer Paving & Landscaping we are able to put our years of experience to good use to advise on the right surface to use and any ancillary landscaping, paving, fencing and other work you may require to complete the play area.

artificial grass pub play area

artificial turf pub play area