Artificial Grass For Oxfordshire Play School

Artificial grass has become a really popular choice with schools over the last few years. Acer Paving & Landscaping have been involved in many school play area projects and recently we were asked to renew a worn out and muddy grass area for an under fives school in Woodstock, Oxfordshire.

The area was unsightly and unusable in many weather conditions because the children would get muddy clothes and shoes. This is a very common scenario; it’s just very difficult to maintain a grass area with so many feet running all over it ! This is where artificial grass can provide an ideal solution, it not only looks like grass, (being very realistic), it doesn’t wear or get muddy and children can play on it all year around.

Oxfordshire artificial grass school play area

Namgrass artificial turf was used to form the new play area. Acer Paving & Landscaping belong to the artificial grass Approved Installer network run by Namgrass enabling us to source the materials at preferential rates, savings which we are happy to pass on to our school customers by way of, what we think are very competitive quotations.

plastic grass school play area oxfordshire

You can see in the above picture that the artificial grass sits seamlessly with the existing tarmac play ground, children can run from one play surface to the other without treading mud or fear of slipping. This installation took just one day with all the waste material removed and a solid base installed to form an attractive and durable play surface.

Wantage Artificial Grass School Play Area

Swindon based artificial grass installers, Acer Paving & Landscaping were asked to provide and install artificial turf for a play school near Wantage, Oxfordshire. The existing area had a worn out and muddy felt play surface that was unattractive, unwelcoming and unusable when wet. Acer suggested Namgrass Green Meadow as an ideal replacement. Not only is it realistic, it has a pleasing cushioned feel making it ideal for children’s play areas.

Artificial grass play area near Wantage

Acer were able to seamlessly fit the artificial turf under and around the existing play equipment and buildings providing an easy to maintain play surface.

fake grass school play area near wantage oxfordshire

The artificial turf was laid on a stone base, free draining limestone grit bedding layer and weed barrier material to ensure a free draining, easy to maintain an durable play surface that won’t suffer from the mud and dampness that spoilt the play area before.

Artificial grass school play area in Oxfordshire

The durable base means the artificial grass easily supports benches, tables and other small play equipment without fear f damage or puncturing the fabric.

Acer are Namgrass Approved Installers and give a five year guarantee on their workmanship together with a ten year guarantee from Namgrass for their artificial grass.

Oxfordshire Primary School Artificial Grass

artificial grass play area

Swindon based, Acer Paving & Landscaping were asked to supply and install artificial grass, (sometimes referred to as synthetic grass or Astroturf) in an Oxfordshire Primary school play area. Acer are Approved Installers of Namgrass artificial grass and on this particular project Namgrass Green Meadow turf was used. Green Meadow is a superb synthetic turf with a realistic brown thatch and soft, multi coloured fibres.

Oxfordshire school artificial grass

You can see from this picture of the play area installation that the artificial grass looks very realistic and fits well in it’s surroundings. This area was previously turfed with grass which struggled with the constant foot traffic and the shade from the trees.

primary school synthetic turf play surface

The only maintenance required will be for the school’s groundskeeper to keep the grass fairly clear of falling leaves and occasionally brush the turf to keep the area in good order.

Synthetic grass play area in Oxfordshire school

Artificial grass make a superb play area surface, it’s soft underfoot, clean and attractive to look at, most importantly the children love playing on it ! This is one of many school play areas installed by Acer in Oxfordshire. Schools including primary and secondary schools, play groups and under fives play schools.

Swindon Artificial Grass Lawn

artificial grass lawn in swindon

Swindon based artificial grass installers Acer paving & Landscaping were asked to tackle an overgrown garden in Swindon. The garden was originally a poorly planned and laid out show garden plot with unpractical shingle areas everywhere the were a maintenance nightmare.

overgrown garden prior to artificial turf installation

swindon synthetic grass preparation

We think you’ll agree that the garden certainly needed a makeover and certainly wasn’t child friendly.

swindon fake turf lawn

We re-sited the gazebo and transformed the garden using Namgrass synthetic grass to form a child friendly and infinitely more usable space.

artificial grass edging

The edges of the lawn were trimmed to give pleasing curves around the existing planting areas.

artificial grass lawn in swindon

It wasn’t long before the children’s toys started to appear !

On the clay soils encountered in much of our catchment area, (including large parts of Swindon where this property is based), it’s important to get the preparation for the artificial grass right. A stone base is crucial together with a free draining limestone grit bedding layer. Finally a good quality weed barrier is used to ensure a trouble free, easy to maintain lawn.

Artificial Grass in Oxfordshire School

Oxford artificial grass school installation

Acer Paving & Landscaping were awarded the contract to overhaul a school play area in Kidlington, near Oxford. The contract involved clearing the existing area of worn out turf and play bark together with moving and re-siting various items of play equipment.

You can see from the following pictures that the play area was certainly in need of refurbishment.

Oxfordshire artificial grass play area project

Weeds overgrowing a tired play bark surface that the school found challenging to maintain.

Oxfordshire school play area renewal

The typical scenario of grass turned to a muddy surface that’s dusty when dry and virtually unusable when wet.

Oxford school play area artificial grass preparation

This area was cordoned off because it was simply unsafe for the children to use.

Artificial turf play area shock pads, base and bedding layer

The whole area was cleared, leveled and a stone base with a limestone grit bedding layer was installed throughout. Shock pads were installed where necessary in accordance with the critical fall heights of the various play equipment and finally a weed barrier material covered the whole area.

Namgrass artificial grass was used for the play surface. Acer Paving & Landscaping belong to the Namgrass Approved Installer network ensuring a professional finish with backup from  what we consider to be the best artificial grass suppliers in the UK.

Here are a selection of pictures showing the completed project. I’m sure you’l agree the transformation is impressive !

Oxford artificial grass school installation

The artificial grass was installed under and around all the play equipment ensuring a seamless finish.

oxfordshire artificial grass school playground

Shock pads were installed under the higher play equipment ensuring a safe play environment.

artificial grass under existing trees

The existing beech trees proved no problem with the artificial turf cut neatly around the trunks. The grass is completely free draining so no harm will come to the trees. Maintenance will simply involve blowing any fallen leaves off the play area as required.

artificial grass floor to a gazebo

Again, the artificial grass was simply installed in and around the existing gazebo to form a solution that would have proved tricky for some play surfaces.

Wiltshire artificial grass contractor school play area project

Acer managed to complete the installation in just over a week during the school holidays, providing the children with a pleasant surprise when term started.