Artificial Grass Pub Play Area

artificial turf play area in wiltshire

Acer Paving & Landscaping were invited to supply and install artificial grass in the play area of a pub in Swindon, Wiltshire. The existing play area was tired and needed rejuvenating. One of the main problems was the low lying ground was subject to water logging and the new play surface needed to address this.

The specification agreed with the pub owners, Arkells Breweries was to fully excavate the area, install land drainage and then provide our normal play area specification. This generally consists, (subject to ground conditions) of a 50mm wash graded gravel base, a free draining limestone grit bedding layer, Terram 1000 weed barrier and Namgrass artificial turf.

Pub play area preparation

You can see from the above photo that the existing base was poor and although not clear here, the existing green felt play surface was water logged, muddy and in a poor state.

artificial grass base and shock pads

Once the land drains and stone base were created, we left site to allow the play equipment to be installed. The photo above shows the next stage which is the installation of a limestone grit bedding layer followed by the white wee barrier material. In the corner of the picture you will notice the foam shock pads that were required under and around several of the play equipment. This provides safety in the case of a fall and the thickness of mat is determined by the critical fall height of the play equipment involved. We ensure the shock pads and grit bedding layer are all on one level so that there are no unsightly bumps in the final finish.

Namgrass artificial turf was used for the play surface, this was carefully installed under and around all the play equipment to ensure a seamless finish throughout.

artificial turf play area in wiltshire

Artificial grass has numerous benefits when used in play areas There’s the obvious benefit of it’s realism and attractive finish, proving an asset to the property, the surface is clean and cushioned forming a safe play area and finally the maintenance required is minimal when compared to rubber crumb or play bark surfaces. Unseen sharp objects and bottles can also be a problem in play bark areas, let alone the constant topping up required each year. Namgrass artificial grass with it’s 10 year guarantee provides a long lasting, easy to maintain play surface that would be an asset to any pub.

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