Swindon Artificial Grass Lawns

Swindon based artificial grass installer Acer Paving & Landscaping have been very busy in Swindon lately creating artificial grass lawns. Acer are Approved Installers of Namgrass artificial turf. Namgrass is made in the EU and exported throughout the world. The Namgrass range of synthetic grasses is second to none in our opinion and our customers agree from the fantastic feedback we receive.

A good base is crucial on our clay soils, both to improve drainage and provide a support to the artificial turf. That’s why we always install a gravel base, topped with a free draining limestone grit bedding layer and quality weed barrier material.

swindon fake grass lawn

The reasons for requesting artificial grass are numerous but common scenarios are the desire for an attractive, easy to maintain lawn as shown in the above picture. A traditional lawn can be a pain to mow and maintain when it’s in small areas like these. An artificial grass lawn will mean the front of this property in Swindon will always look smart.

Swindon astroturf lawn

This small lawn in a modern Swindon house has a similar potential problem; it’s nice to have some “green” in the garden but owning and using a mower for this small patch would be a nuisance. Fake grass provides the green colour you want without the need for mowing – can’t be bad !

Swindon artificial turf lawn

This was another small garden. Another pain to mow but with artificial turf that’s not a problem any more. Occasionally removing leaves will be the only maintenance required.

Swindon artificial grass company

The owner of this property had two dogs that constantly made a mess of the lawn. Now with artificial grass installed, that will be a thing of the past.

swindon artificial lawns for dogs

Dogs love the artificial grass, if the wee on the lawn it doesn’t stain or burn, (like real turf) and any other mess can be scooped and hosed down if necessary.

swindon artificial grass company

Of course, children in the family are the other main reason for wanting artificial grass, often a real lawn gets turned to mud with heavy use. With artificial turf the lawn is available for play in almost all weathers.

swindon synthetic grass lawns

Shady spots can also prove troublesome for real grass. We’re not saying it’s impossible for a trained gardener or green keeper but for most of us, a combination of clay soils and shade equals mud and moss ! Synthetic grass will certainly improve a shady area, providing a lush green lawn all year around.

If you’re interested in the possibilities of using artificial grass on your property, give Acer Paving & Landscaping a call and we’ll advise the best fake grass type for your needs.

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